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2018 Legal Update

2018 Legal Update Provider #0000811, Course #9628827, 2 LU Presented by Douglas G. Christy, Esq. In this course, participants will receive a review of the laws passed during...

Condominium Board Member Certification

Condominium Board Member Certification Provider #0000811, Course #9628449, 2 HR/IFM Note: This class is NOT for HOA Boards and Cooperative Boards Presented by Jane L. Cornett, Esq. Co-Sponsored by: If...

HOA/CONDO/CO-OP Board Member Certification

HOA/CONDO/CO-OP Board Member Certification “Everything you Wanted to Know About Being a Board Member.. But were Afraid to Ask!” Provider #0000811, Course #9626099, 3 ELE Presented by Kenneth...